Google Panda Recovery Services

Google has changed its algorithm in 2011 and since then it has been hitting websites hard. Millions of websites across the world have seen their ranking slip on Google. Google released its Panda and Penguin separately to measure websites with correct SEO practices such as back links and content.

Is your website ranking slipping on Google SERP?

Has the traffic decreased to your website?

If the answer is YES, your website has been hit by Google’ Panda and Penguin updates. Without procrastination, you need to take recovery action so as to put your website ranking back to the place it used to enjoy.

Penalty Assessment

In order to analyze your website and to find what all went wrong, our SEO professionals based in Chicago have developed penalty assessment mechanism. We evaluate your website from content, bad links and optimization perspective so as to shun the impact of Google’s changed algorithm. Our SEO experts will also measure content quality and plagiarism following Google’s best practices.

Our recovery services include:

• Link Analysis – Bad and unnatural links
• Anchor Text Analysis
• Spam Audit
• Optimization Analysis
• Content Evaluation

Based on the analysis, our Chicago based Panda & Penguin recovery experts, will re-optimize your website with high quality back links in order to eliminate the impact of Google updates. theSOULwithin helps you recover your lost ranking and expand your customer base. We do not guarantee to recover ranking with all the keywords, but most of the keywords.

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