Higher Quality Web Design Takes Center Stage with Google’s “Instant Previews” Search Tool

It’s already on search results in the United States, and soon over 40 countries around the world will be able to use it. Instant Previews is Google’s latest method for improving and speeding up your search experience by displaying instant previews of web pages on Google search results.

Instead of blindly clicking on a website solely based on the written search description—and possibly being disappointed –- Instant Previews helps you better judge if a website is worth your time before you take the extra time to go there.

Here’s How It Works

Now when search results appear, there is a little magnifying glass next to each listing. Click on it once, and that listing’s web page will appear to the right – large enough to get a general feel for the company’s website. Sometimes Google will also highlight and enlarge a relevant paragraph of text from the page to further help your decision.

Clicking the Instant Previews icon on several websites in a row takes just seconds and allows you to quickly compare sites and make a more confident decision about visiting the best ones.
Instant Previews Raises the Bar on Quality Web Design

As the owner of theSOULwithin, a Chicago web design and SEO firm, I am thrilled about the effect Instant Previews will have on our own business and on our clients’ online businesses, too.

Our firm’s specialty is designing unique websites that communicate the special story of each client. Our custom websites stand out visually in a crowded field of competitors. Once prospects are on our sites, we keep their interest, educate them, and convince them to buy our clients’ products and services.
Instant Previews is a search tool we welcome with open arms. However, for designers who rely on rigid, over-used templates, Instant Previews is only going to shine an unflattering light on bad web design and drive away potential business and sales.

Unleash the Power of Custom Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Great design alone won’t ensure online success. That’s why we have talented SEO experts who work in tandem with our gifted web designers. Here at theSOULwithin, custom website design joins forces with custom SEO strategy to give our clients higher, natural search rankings, higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates and the best possible chance of online success.

Here in Chicago, there are web design firms and SEO firms; however, theSOULwithin is unique because we provide this potent partnership of Internet marketing services under one roof to all of our clients.

Go Ahead…Shine the Light!

If you are searching for an experienced web design/SEO firm that will transform your website into a sales dynamo, I invite you to talk to our very talented team at theSOULwithin. Call us at 312-602-5379. Or use our online contact form. Allow us to shine a very flattering light on your online business.

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