They’re probably not loving it.

From the seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time files, we bring you the #McDSTories Fiasco. Last week McDonalds launched a two-part hashtag campaign meant to blow up the Twitter-sphere with happy-happy-joy-joy about their new commitment to local sourcing. Part one, featuring the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers, was all swell and good.

Part two, on the other hand, was a McDisaster. The hashtag? #McDStories. This tag allowed users to go a bit more rogue than McDonalds had envisioned.


We’ll stay out of the back-and-forth on the merits of the more …ahem… colorful tweets (although we loved “Super Size Me”). But lesson learned: do NOT let your audience co-opt your message. Frankly we’re astonished that McDonalds couldn’t see this bomb dropping. Talk about getting comPLETEly off-guard. But, lesson learned, and presumably the next McDStory will be one of social media vision and readiness.

Careful what you hashtag for…

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