Why is SEO important?

Having a great looking and user-friendly website can definitely help you get an edge on competition, not to mention help your visitors think you are larger and more established than you are. But these days, its not all about looks alone. Chances are that anything you are looking for online in your personal life, you use search engines such as Google and Bing to find anything you might be looking for.

The interesting thing is that a lot of people who come to us for web development work do not relate their personal dependency on search engines to how potential customers may find their own corporate website. To prove a point, I am almost 100% certain you are either reading this because you came to our site from a search engine or from through a social network that we are part of. Its because we thrive on search engine traffic like this for the success of our own business.

Most businesses still rely on traditional advertising methods such as print ads, radio ads, flyers etc but the hope there is that by blanketing a large amount of people, you hope that some of those people may need your product and service at that moment. Or at least, hope that they remember you when they actually need the product or service.

With search marketing, its exactly the opposite. You are connecting with people looking for that product or service right at the moment they are looking for it. How powerful is that and how much could that impact your bottom line?

For example looking for a “web design company chicago” on Google means you are looking for a service provider in Chicago. Its highly unlikely that anyone would search for us by name, theSOULwithin, because quite simply, we aren’t a household name just yet 🙂 This self-assumption is what I see in a lot of companies I talk to. They feel like they are well known enough within their niche. My response is always, why would you spend money on other traditional advertising methods to help create brand awareness alone with some potential of ROI when you can quite simply introduce yourself to a very large, untapped potential market of people looking to do business right now with you who never would have ever previously heard about you? People sometimes just don’t want to make more money.

Go figure. See how we can help your organization with search engine optimization today.

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  1. Ash Blue says:

    I agree that traditional advertising methods really aren’t that great. Talked with a lot of clients about dumping their print based methods.

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