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About Us

About theSOULwithin

Chicago Based Digital Marketing Agency

From Concept to Completion, We Can Help

theSOULwithin is a Chicago-based “mini-agency” designed for the new economy. We rely on a large network of highly skilled individuals, all with agency experience in design, branding and marketing. Our structure means we are flexible, free of corporate bureaucracy and red tape, ready to provide the highest quality work at affordable rates.

From SEO, Web Design & Development to Mobile Apps, we can help any way you need us.

Why Choose theSOULwithin?

A Different Kind of Company, for a Special Kind of Client. You.

Access to Management

Direct contact with the owner, an experience internet professional of over 20 years right here in good ole Chicago.

Big-Time Talent, Small -Time Cost

We have some of the most reasonable hourly rates than other Chicago-based firms combing SEO, Web Design & Development as well as Mobile Apps.

Custom Solutions

A tailored recommendation based on your specific needs and budget. We hear our clients needs to make sure our services maximize them. Not the other way around.

What's With the Name?

Our name is our concept. theSOULwithin is a reference to the success of our projects. Clients sometimes have difficulty expressing how they want to be represented online or exactly how they want their users to feel after they experience their online brand. Our job is simply to listen and interpret these intentions, and to help bring out the essence, or “soul”, of the project goal.

Expanding on the idea of this emotional response, our name is also influenced by the Indian word “Atma“, which means ones true self and identifies the soul in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

So there you have it. We find and present the soul within your project. Besides, “the atma within” just didn’t sound as cool…