Why SEO?

People often wonder why search engine optimization is important, but with nearly 165 million Americans currently online, the web is taking on traditional media in a big way.

Traditional Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

The primary difference is a powerful one. Quite simply, when you purchase ad space in print, TV or radio, you are casting a very wide net, paying for the amount of total “eyeballs” that read, listen to or watch your ad. Your hope is that someone who caught your ad might be interested in your product or service on the spot, or that they will be at a later date.

With the internet, you are connecting with thousands of targeted individuals who are actively interested in your product or service right at that moment. Hmm, now what that is worth? How do your competitors fare?

  • 400 million people or 92% internet of users perform searches on Google, Yahoo or BING first to research products & services
  • 93% of search engine users don’t look further than page 1 or 2 of search results.  If your website isn’t listed on these pages, you’re not maximizing access to potential customers
  • 33% of internet users believe companies found high among search results are trusted brands
  • SEO has roughly 4 times higher conversion rate than online advertising (Pay Per Click)
  • Top search engine ranking is a non-stop 24/7 advertising campaign.  It allows your business to reach millions of potential customers and gives you a global coverage
  • Online marketing is 100 times more cost effective than traditional print advertising

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